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Since antiquity Allahabad has been rightly described as a sacred city. It is also the heart of the Indo-Gangetic plain with a multicultural mosaic. It is a place where nature chooses to converge Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati into Sangam that attracts billions from all over the world to seek spiritual solace and peace. In this sacred space as India advanced towards modernity, it gave birth to one of the most important institutions of the world - Allahabad University. This seat of higher learning soon acquired the rare distinction of producing students who guided and continue to guide the destiny of India in a variety of ways. Read more

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Allahabad University has always occupied an esteemed place among the universities of India for over a century now. Established on 23rd September 1887, it is the fourth oldest university of India after Calcutta, Bombay and Madras University. The credit for conceiving a large Central College at Allahabad, eventually to develop into a University, is due to Sir William Muir, then Lt. Governor of United Provinces. Read more