Prof. R. L. Hangloo, Vice Chancellor, UoAI am delighted to learn that the admit cards of the Under-graduate students for the annual examinations for the year 2016 are being uploaded on our University Website. This is the second time when the Central University of Allahabad is implementing this process. I am sure that this will help the students considerably and will facilitate the speedy and hassle free retrieval of their admit cards. The 21st Century is the Century of Information Communication Technology and the Central University of Allahabad is taking all possible steps to upgrade technological inputs for conducting the examinations in the University. I wish all the students of the University a great success in their examinations.

Prof. R. L. Hangloo, Vice Chancellor, UoA

Controller of ExaminationThe University annual examinations are scheduled to commence shortly. With the passing of winter, it is high time for students to channelize their energy in a planned and positive manner to ensure timely preparation of examinations. It would be appropriate to recall the following verse from ancient teaching regarding the salient characteristics of good students.

काक चेष्टा, वको ध्यानं, श्वान निद्रा तथैव च। अल्पाहारी, गृहत्यागी विद्यार्थी पंच लक्षणं।।

It means that a student’s efforts should be like that of a crow, (repetitive, until successful) , concentration of mind like that of a heron, sleep similar to that of a dog; besides having these qualities, a student must eat less and should keep away from homely botherations.

This ancient teaching holds relevance even today. I take this opportunity to convey my best wishes to all students appearing in various forthcoming examinations of this academic session. Remember that procuring the degree is a race, but don’t worry about crossing the finish line first. This race is less about reaching fast and more about understanding HOW and WHY you reached the finish line.

With best compliments.

Prof. H. S. Upadhyay, Controller of Examination, UoA

Chairman, ICT

As you are aware that the convergence of information and communications technology, the continued miniaturization of devices, and the emergence of rich multimedia applications delivered over high speed networks are examples of forces that are transforming the Education Sector. These and similar forces will shape your careers. In its effort to use ICT for educational purpose and to help students in a variety of ways, the ICT – Cell has launched yet another important initiative for their use through DIGITAL INDIA. Our entire Campus is wi-fi enabled!!!

Our commitment is to provide an educational experience that not only conveys the knowledge and specific skills needed to enhance your competitive position today, but also conveys a context for continuous learning that you can rely on throughout your career.

The ICT – Cell members are committed to supporting you on your educational journey.

Prof. A. C. Pandey, Chairman, ICT – Cell, UoA